Plug in to electrical power with free connector kits

Shorepower Technologies and Cascade Sierra Solutionsare making available for free 1,300 connector kits, allowing drivers to plug in their trucks at power pedestals instead of idling. There is a limit of 25 kits per truck operator or fleet.

The companies are able to make this offer through a federally funded USDOE Recovery Act program to reduce idling.

“Connector kits are a great introduction to the benefits of plug-in power,” said Alan Bates, vice president of marketing with Shorepower Technologies. “We believe that as drivers and vehicle owners see how easy it is to use this service, and how quickly they reap financial rewards from it, they’ll make even greater use of it and want to add more anti-idling equipment that plugs in to inexpensive grid power.”

The connector kits allow for the operation of in-cab HVAC, entertainment, and convenience items through shore power.

The kit consists of an electrical receptacle for mounting on the exterior of the truck cab, a cab interior 120-volt AC outlet and wiring harness, as well as an on-off switch and a ground fault circuit interrupter. It allows for the connection of a heavy-duty extension cord to connect a power pedestal to the cab.

The connector kits are being provided through the Shorepower Truck Electrification Project (STEP), which is also installing plug-in sites at 50 truckstops around the country and providing rebates on purchase of shore power capable idle reduction equipment.

Participants must agree to use Shorepower Technologies’ service at any of its locations within 12 months of installation of the connector kit.

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