McNeilus Truck amp Manufacturing Inc announced that Pride Disposal of Portland OR has selected NGEN CNG systems and services by McNeilus for its newest fleet of rolloff trucks

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc. announced that Pride Disposal of Portland, OR, has selected NGEN CNG systems and services by McNeilus for its newest fleet of roll-off trucks.

Pride Disposal of Oregon picks McNeilus CNG system

Pride Disposal, a waste provider in Portland, OR, will deploy the McNeilus NGEN compressed natural gas (CNG) system on its fleet of roll-off trucks.


“We’re excited to have NGEN CNG systems and services by McNeilus selected by Pride Disposal for these roll-off vehicles,” said Brad Nelson, Oshkosh Corp. senior vice president and president of the Commercial Business Segment. “We have an excellent back-of-cab configuration that’s ideal for this application, one of many CNG installation options available for severe duty fleets of all types.”


McNeilus said its NGEN CNG-powered trucks are built with a fuel management module that reduces the number of fittings and increases reliability. Fuel storage pods feature lightweight DOT Type 4 tanks.


“We’re a company that is always looking to the future, and we decided to start running some of our trucks on CNG primarily because of fuel cost and the savings CNG delivers,” said Bill Woody, Pride Disposal fleet manager. “We chose the McNeilus NGEN CNG system because of its simplicity, reliability, and close-at-hand parts and service network. Plus, McNeilus technicians are close by when we need recertification of the system’s components.”

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