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FedEx Photo: Ryder
Ryder called the order for 1,000 medium-duty electric vehicles the largest ever in the United States.

Ryder orders 1,000 Chanje electric vehicles for FedEx

Ryder System has teamed with FedEx Corp. and Chanje Energy have teamed to secure what it has called the largest order of commercial electric vehicles in United States history.

Ryder said it ordered 1,000 medium-duty electric panel vans from Chanje, which will be operated by FedEx Express pick-up and delivery services. FedEx is purchasing 100 vehicles and leasing the other 900. The fleet is expected to be deployed throughout California over the next two years. 

“We continue to see broadening interest in [electric vehicles] from businesses of various sizes and industries looking to outsource – especially in the final-mile delivery space where a smaller, more environmentally-friendly vehicle is required,” said Dennis Cooke, president of global fleet management solutions for Ryder. 

The Chanje van is equipped to haul up to 6,000 pounds and up to 675 cubic feet of cargo. It features zero emissions and up to 150-mile range on a single charge.

FedEx will have access to Ryder’s network of 800 facilities across North America to support its Chanje electric vehicle fleet. Ryder is the exclusive sales channel, service, and warranty partner for Chanje. 

Ryder actively works to “enable the new equipment manufacturers and technology providers to springboard into the North American market,” said Chris Nordh, Ryder’s senior director of advanced vehicle technology.

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