Updated version of Class 8 dual-fuel system released

The Max/SR dual fuel system, the flagship product platform of dual-fuel system provider EcoDual, has been upgraded with the release of Version 2.0. Along with the upgrade comes a new two-year, unlimited mileage warranty for the Class 8 system.

Upgrades to the system with industry-specific enhancements to the company’s technology leads to a 25% savings on overall fuel costs for users, EcoDual said. Other enhancements have increased reliability while decreasing weight, emissions, maintenance expenses and installation time.

“With the development and launch of Max/SR 2.0, we’ve changed the landscape when it comes to dual fuel technology,” says Mike Donoughe, CEO. “Version 2.0 continues EcoDual’s focus on innovation, with an upgraded system design and new features to enhance the value we deliver. Our expanded warranty coverage demonstrates our confidence in the Max/SR 2.0 dual fuel system and our commitment of excellence to our customers.”

Specific benefits of the system, EcoDual said, are:

  • Increases natural gas substitution rates to achieve a 16% improvement across the broadest range of driving conditions
  • Precisely controls natural gas and diesel fuel injection to optimize combustion and minimize emissions
  • Improves performance and durability by integrating new electrical and controls systems into the Max/SR architecture
  • Significantly reduces installation time and truck weight with its new tank mounting design
  • Provides multiple colors for tank enclosures to enable fleets to better match each truck

The Max/SR 2.0 operates on either compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) in combination with diesel, allowing the option of running on diesel to eliminate range anxiety.

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