U.S. Gain partners with ‘O’ Ring to open new CNG station

U.S. Gain opened a new CNG station built in partnership with “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems. The station, located at 301 DuBois Street in DuBois, PA, will be branded as “O” Ring CNG/GAIN Clean Fuel and included in GAIN Clean Fuel’s nationwide infrastructure of CNG stations, the company said.

“There are fiscal benefits for local businesses and consumers and it can help improve air quality by reducing harmful emissions,” said “O” Ring CEO Robert Beatty. “It also builds on our capabilities to serve GAIN Clean Fuel’s partner carriers while meeting the needs of the fleets whom we’ve already partnered with. This partnership has created a business model that will generate positive outcomes for everyone.”

“We’ve established a great working relationship with ‘O’ Ring over the last year and we’re excited about continuing our collaboration with this latest site,” said Bill Renz, general manager for U.S. Gain. “This location builds upon the strong GAIN Clean Fuel network in the Northeast United States and will provide additional CNG access for both regional and national carriers.”

“Forward-thinking companies like GAIN Clean Fuel and “O” Ring are instrumental in helping to expand the current nationwide network of CNG stations for fleets,” said Scott Swartzfager, area manager for National Fuel. “Keeping the natural gas flowing through the pipelines that fuel these stations is where we get involved. This represents a fantastic opportunity to deliver the cost savings and environmental benefits of this clean, abundant, and domestic resource to the fleets operating in our service area.”

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