Wireless EV charging could slash emissions from idling trucks

In an article in Transmission & Distribution World, a wireless electric vehicle charging option could be the answer to slashing emissions from idling trucks and vans.

“Idling increases vehicle exhaust in the air, which is linked to asthma, other lung diseases, allergies, heart disease, and other health problems,” the report said. “According to New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, New York City has one of the highest asthma rates among children in the country.”  

The report notes that DEP also says engine idling in New York City causes as much pollution as nine million large trucks driving from the Bronx to Staten Island.

A solution could be Green Loading Zones, a policy to incentivize electric truck adoption by creating curbside loading zones exclusively available to zero-emission commercial vehicles. Read more about GLZs and how double parking would no longer be a necessary evil.

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