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TCA 2022 Safety Meeting

Heller: Gathering with people who face the same problems, leads to solutions

June 9, 2023
There’s a caveat to the value of in-person meetings: You get out of them exactly what you put into them. Answers don’t come gift-wrapped; they only arrive by involving yourself...
Women in Trucking Association
Ellen Voie

Pre-Trip: Voie looks back on 16 years of WIT and toward the future

March 17, 2023
In the second episode of the 2023 FleetOwner Pre-Trip video series, Women in Trucking's founder, Ellen Voie, and new President and CEO Jennifer Hedrick spoke with FleetOwner about...
Truckload Carriers Association
Chief Carriers Best Fleet To Driver For

Culture of transparency fuels Best Fleets to Drive For winner

March 8, 2023
TCA and CarriersEdge recognize fleets that create superior workplaces for company drivers and independent contractors. Chief Carriers of Nebraska and C.A.T. of Quebec win overall...
Truckload Carriers Association
Robin Hutcheson

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse starts proactive notifications this month

March 7, 2023
FMCSA administrator announced that the agency is closing the loophole that didn’t notify current carriers if one of their drivers failed a pre-employment query with another fleet...
Josh Fisher I FleetOwner
Lance Platt EpicVue CEO

EpicVue adds more in-cab entertainment and fleet engagement

March 7, 2023
The new EpicVue+ includes live and on-demand TV, a fleet-centric channel, and more ways to educate and engage with drivers while on the road.