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Kevin jones | FleetOwner

Fleets have ‘fighting chance’ under new IC rule

March 28, 2024
Even though government attorneys "put their thumb on the scale" in crafting the Labor Department rule, there is "a silver lining" for fleets, legal expert says.
For the Driver

EpicVue+ fleet channel adds new way to engage drivers

March 28, 2024
The in-cab streaming service that gives long-haul drivers DirecTV access now offers fleets a dedicated portal to communicate with drivers.

Fleets eliminate bridge strikes with low-clearance technology

March 28, 2024
Two FO500 carriers went from six bridge strikes per year to zero, according to E-Smart. The technology can also help trucks get out of low-clearance jams.
Optimal Dynamics

Optimal Dynamics introduces new product features that enhance its artificial decision intelligence software

March 27, 2024
Enhancements deliver automation and efficiency gains across all facets of truckload operations from tender acceptance, bid analysis, and dispatching.
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How trust, communications, and people create fleet safety foundations

June 14, 2023
Three stakeholders from Bison Transport, Bay & Bay Transportation, and Covenant Transport cover the ins and outs of maintaining over-the-road standards during the often-complicated...