Air-Weigh, Blue Tree announce product integration

The popular R:COM trailer tracking and temperature management system from Blue Tree Systems will now acquire trailer weight from the Air-Weigh QuickLoad trailer scale, the companies announced.

The integration of the products will allow trailers with both the Air-Weigh QuickLoad trailer scale and the Blue Tree Systems R:COM equipment to access real-time trailer weight information over the new interface.   Trailer weight is then seamlessly transmitted over a wireless network to the customer back office software.

Air-Weigh and Blue Tree Systems have teamed up to offer an integrated trailer solution that provides real-time trailer weight,” said Martin Ambros, president & CEO of Air-Weigh.  “The weight information may be logged on-board or transmitted over a wireless network from the trailer to the customer’s host site.  By working with Blue Tree Systems to offer this solution, we are helping their customers save money with a system that contributes to efficient and productive trucking operations and provides a quick return on investment.”

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