ALK Maps now within Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

ALK Technologies announced that ALK Maps is now available within the Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and on premise versions 6.4.0 and higher.

ALK Maps provides map displays that allow the Oracle Transportation Management user base of shippers, private fleets, and logistics service providers to assess route plans for improved decision-making and overall network optimization, according to the company. Users can customize the map display by adding stop markers, selecting colors for various mode types and status, or changing line styles.

According to the company, with ALK Maps, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud customers can also benefit from:

  • Real-time supply chain visibility of orders, in-transit loads, facilities and freight status, including estimated times of arrival
  • Customizable route plans for greater resource utilization
  • Enhanced lane and bid analysis
  • Live traffic and weather overlays allowing users to identify potential pickup and delivery impacts
  • Improved operational consistency and productivity for Oracle Transportation Management Cloud customers using PC MILER as their External Distance Engine (EDE)

In addition, ALK Maps provides worldwide street-level data, a satellite map style with street-level display, and the ability to geocode custom places for precise location needs.

“ALK Maps can help extend Oracle Transportation Management Cloud customers’ experience when visualizing, monitoring or planning shipments and assets,” said Rishi Mehra, director of web products at ALK Technologies. “We are very pleased with how we have leveraged Oracle Cloud for our visualization and transportation solutions, which incorporate a single source of commercial routing data for true operational consistency.”

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