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App available to enforce corporate distracted driving policy

SafeCell Enterprise has designed and released a new mobile app that helps companies enforce wireless phone use and distracted driving policies.

The app records and reports violations, and in some cases blocks text/SMS, phone and email while driving, SafeCell said. The app runs automatically in the background of smartphones, engaging when traveling over 5 mph. 

The SafeCell Enterprise App works by encouraging employees to develop and to practice safe driving habits.  

SafeCell provides full AVL/fleet management integration capabilities across multiple devices, allowing employers to tailor the parameters of the application to meet the business needs for collecting, tracking, and sharing data on safe driving performance against corporate policies, and it identifies areas for improvement. 

SafeCell Enterprise works with the newest Android, iPhone, and Windows OS platforms, and employees always are able to access emergency contacts and map information, just as they always are able to download all applicable mobile use rules and laws based on the GPS location of the device. 

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