New Aljex software creates self-dispatching document

May 27, 2015

Aljex Software has introduced Automated Rate Confirmation (ARC), a software module that streamlines the key elements of daily carrier-broker interchange —rate confirmation and dispatch, the company said.

ARC is an email from broker to carrier with links in a virtual self-dispatching document that updates automatically on the working screens of Aljex users, Aljex said.

Here's how it works:

The broker sends an ARC email to the carrier. The email includes the essential instructions the carrier needs to accept the shipment, but none of the broker's competitive information. For example, the ARC email shows cities and states, but no details such as shipper name and street address. 

To accept the shipment, the carrier clicks on a link in the ARC email. That link enables the carrier to sign the rate confirmation electronically. As soon as the rate confirmation is signed, a new link appears in the ARC email.

This link provides the carrier with detailed shipment information, shipper name, pickup and delivery addresses, reference numbers, and contacts, for example. At the same time, the dispatching broker receives an email verifying that the carrier has signed the rate confirmation along with a PDF of the signed document. The carrier's signature is a legally binding e-signature through Aljex partner, Sertifi, Aljex said.

According to the company, the ARC email continues to serve both carrier and broker. The carrier uses the links in the ARC email to update information on the shipment so the broker receives an email whenever the carrier provides an update or a change – including proof-of-delivery.

"At Aljex we have been automating basic broker and carrier practices for 20 years as of this month. ARC continues that tradition with a tool that saves time, reduces hassle, and automatically provides critical documentation of the entire process," said Tom Heine, CEO.

"ARC provides the carrier with a single source of all the information needed to accept a load, pick it up, deliver it, and even provide a POD. At the same time it protects brokers' competitive information. ARC is a giant stride forward in the evolution of the broker-carrier business process," he said.

ARC is now available to all users of Aljex software.  

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