McLeod showcases new products during User Conference 2016

Sept. 23, 2016
McLeod Software announced during its User Conference 2016 that it is continuing to develop and invest in its products.

McLeod Software announced during its User Conference 2016 that it is continuing to develop and invest in its products. “Since our last User Conference in Birmingham, nearly a year ago, we have had two major releases of our flagship LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker systems, with a broad range of new capabilities and integration solutions in each release,” the company said.

Some of the company's new product highlights include:

McLeod IQ

“McLeod IQ gives our customers the ability to access and analyze LoadMaster, PowerBroker and other 3rd Party data simply using Microsoft Excel, or with a wide variety of popular reporting tools,” the company said. “McLeod IQ utilizes the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack to create a multidimensional cube that aggregates all of the customer’s important metric data in a way that is easier than ever to understand, report, and analyze.”

This new product was built using Microsoft’s data cube architecture and lets customers view their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against any type of dimensional data (i.e. Customer/Location/Driver), the company noted.

“McLeod IQ also provides access to the data warehouse for users to pull in other data sources that may not be part of their McLeod system, such as the information from their mobile communications and maintenance systems,” the company added. “Users can access the data warehouse directly using a drag and drop feature with pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Customers may also decide to use the full Microsoft Power BI suite of analysis and reporting tools with McLeod IQ.”

Logix Solutions

Another new family of products introduced in the last year is McLeod Logix Solutions. “These applications are integral to the LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems, built with McLeod’s FlowLogix workflow automation product,” the company said. “Each Logix Solutions product provides an out-of-the-box, end-to-end business process automation and business process management solution. These products have the additional advantage of being customizable using FlowLogix Designer and eForms Designer, which allows McLeod or our customer to easily and inexpensively make adjustments and changes to the flow of work, the data collected or used, checkpoints or validation points, and changing the outputs or exception queues for that business process.”

There are five new Logix Solutions products for 2016 and more on the way, the company added.

Logix Solutions Automated Collections

The new Logix Solutions Automated Collections module is a collections automation solution that can be added to the LoadMaster or PowerBroker system. “It is equivalent to gaining a free staff member to manage collections,” McLeod said. “With this automation, customers will see their DSO drop right away, while they unburden the daily routine tasks in the collections cycle.”

Logix Solutions eRate Confirmation

“The Logix Solutions eRate Confirmation module lets PowerBroker users structure a sound, but completely paperless and fax free, process to quickly send and receive carrier rate confirmations,” according to the company.

Logix Solutions Carrier Onboarding

The Logix Solutions Carrier Onboarding module adds another layer of business process automation to give PowerBroker users the ability to cover more loads faster and onboard new carriers with a fraction of the effort or typical delays, McLeod explained.

Logix Solutions Billing & Settlements

“The Logix Solutions Billing and Settlements module delivers all of the business process automation carriers and brokers need to accurately compose and get their bills out the door, while skipping most of the non-value added work and only dealing with the exceptions that need attention,” according to the company.

Logix Solutions Accounts Payable

“McLeod’s Logix Solutions’ new Accounts Payable module delivers business process automation that our customers have been asking for to help manage their payables process,” the company said. “As with all Logix Solutions products, this module automates the routine and allows people to deal only with the exceptions that need attention.”

McLeod Market Insight

Market Insight collects rate data from active McLeod customers every day, and compiles detailed average rate data for lanes between 130-plus markets in the U.S., the company said. “We continue to add enhancements to Market Insight, and one goal this year was to help our customers understand current market rates at a deeper level to help guide their internal pricing decisions,” McLeod said. “Power Matrix is a new Market Insight tool designed to help our customers become smarter and more efficient with their lane pricing.

Upcoming products announced at this conference included:

McLeod Logix Anywhere: This product will take FlowLogix applications and use cases to mobile devices and web browsers with a development environment that lets customers structure workflows or whole applications, using McLeod FlowLogix, then deploy them across the full spectrum of mobile devices, the company said.

McLeod Carrier Mobile App for PowerBroker: This new mobile app for iOS and Android devices offers the same capabilities of the current PowerBroker carrier portal, and more.

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