Automated toll reporting, management program launched

GE Capital Fleet Services has launched a new toll management program that is said to eliminate expense reports and increase visibility into and control over toll expenses.

The service allows drivers to use electronic tolling lanes, thereby eliminating the need for the driver to submit an expense report. In the office, managers are able to take advantage of a single GE Capital Fleet Services’ managed program that reduces administrative tasks.

According to GE, managers will receive a single consolidated statement that provides the ability to analyze toll behaviors. GE experts will also be available to help analyze the data and identify opportunities for cost savings, the company said.

“In addition to delivering hard cost savings and helping to eliminate toll violations, this program increases the productivity of fleet managers and drivers because they no longer have to spend time on administrative details such as submitting and processing expense reports or auditing toll charges,” said Brad Hoffelt, senior vice president & general manager of products and services at GE Capital Fleet Services.  “As a leading fleet management company we’re continually identifying new ways to use technology to help customers maximize operational efficiency and manage their bottom line.”

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