CarrierWeb introduces two new EOBRs

CarrierWeb recently unveiled two new in-cab, touchscreen, electronic on-board recording devices (EOBRs) - the CarrierMate 2500 and CarrierMate 5700. Each features electronic logging, automatic dispatch, mapping and compliance alert notifications, plus the ability to monitor factors such as speed, mileage, driver activities, hours of service and position.

The CarrierMate 2500 has a 4.3-in. screen, while the 5700 has a 7-in. screen and onboard scanner. It also provides additional reports on emissions and fuel, as well as hourly updates on driver performance.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to better manage the data that drives better business decisions,” said Norman Thomas, vice president of commercial operations for CarrierWeb. “Our newest EOBRs join a product portfolio that’s been designed with the driver in mind, so fleets can get the information they need in a form that’s understandable to them, easily.”

The smaller device will be available in April, Thomas told Fleet Owner, while the larger 5700 model is scheduled to be released in May. The purchase price for a unit is $675 for the 2500 and $875 for the 5700; volume discounts are available. There is also a service fee. Several plans are available on a monthly or multi-year basis.

CarrierWeb is based in Atlanta. The company also has operations in Brazil, China and Europe.

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