CES Wireless introduces WiFi tracking device

The release of FA-888, a GPS tracking device, gives fleets the opportunity to manage their assets over a WiFi network.

The solution, from CES Wireless, offers flexibility for fleets that do not need continuous real-time monitoring. Because of this, by utilizing WiFi networks, the FA-888 eliminates monthly fees associated with cellular networks.

According to CES, the FA-888 logs the tracking data in memory and automatically downloads the data once the device enters a home WiFi zone. It is compatible with many third-party tracking software systems, the company added.

There is no monthly fee and the system requires only a one-time purchase price.

“Going forward we see WiFi becoming a real contended in the mobile data space with companies like Google and Boingo offering consumers free WiFi and wider area deployment. Cellular networks are simply choking with traffic,” said Pat Lohan, vice president, sales & marketing.

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