Cintas cuts speeding, incidents with inthinc technology

Cintas Corp., a business-to-business service provider, has significantly reduced accidents and incidents of speeding through the use of telematic software from inthinc Technology Solutions, inthinc said.

According to inthinc, Cintas has seen an 85% decreased in speeding and 46% drop in vehicle incidents since deploying the software across 1,200 fleet vehicles. Additional deployment is now planned based on the success of the initial rollout, inthinc said.

“I believe the inthinc system has the potential to be a game-changer for Cintas,” said Rick Gerlach, director of safety at Cintas. “The system uses state-of-the-art technology to influence driving behaviors and reduce risk in a real-time environment. But the most important benefit of the technology is that it not only allows us to identify drivers who could benefit from some additional safety training at the wheel, but also provides an opportunity for Cintas to recognize and reward our drivers who make safety a core value at all times.”

Cintas also saw an 89% increase in seat belt use within one year of implementation.

According to inthinc, drivers receive audible alerts in real-time when performing unsafe driving maneuvers including speeding, aggressive acceleration or braking, hard turns, hard bumps or failure to wear their seat belt. Drivers are given a predetermined grace period to correct the action before the violation is recorded online in the Management Portal where managers can view fleet and driver performance.

“Cintas has dedicated considerable resources to ensure its employees return home safely each and every day,” said Josh Moore, six sigma black belt at Cintas. “What we like about inthinc is that it is a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to promoting safer driving.”

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