Dossier integrated with LoadMaster Enterprise

Arsenault Associates announced that its Dossier fleet maintenance management software has been integrated with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Enterprise dispatch operations management system.

The integration will provide bi-directional information flow and deliver significant value for joint customers, Arsenault said.

Customers using both products will have relevant data updated between the two systems in near real-time, eliminating the need for manual and error-prone duplicate data entry. Customers and vendors defined in LoadMaster will automatically be created and updated in Dossier, as will fuel tickets and meter readings.

Mobile communications messages entered in LoadMaster will be passed on to Dossier as potential maintenance work items, called Work Pending in Dossier, the company said. Likewise, Dossier will alert LoadMaster of any units where preventive maintenance is due or overdue. Any unit with an open maintenance repair order in Dossier can be flagged as unavailable for dispatch. Maintenance cost data can also be sent to LoadMaster.

“There are many touchpoints between maintenance and operations. Integrating these two leading products will allow our mutual customers to streamline workflows, have better status data, and capture their complete maintenance costs for billing and analysis,” said Bob Hausler, Arsenault vice president of marketing and technology.

“Another benefit of this interface is that it is implemented in a modular fashion, allowing users to begin with the exchange of the most critical information, and add other elements later if they choose,” he added. “For example, all preventive maintenance is driven by the unit’s meter (distance or time), so getting the meter readings from LoadMaster to Dossier is something we believe all users will employ.”


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