Dossier Systems version 6.4 delivers new features, options

Dossier Systems just released Dossier v6.4, the latest version of its flagship software. According to the company, Dossier 6.4 is a significant release in functionality and infrastructure, delivering new features and options, including a new communications platform called Dossier Cloud Services, or DCloud.

New features include Dossier Lite mobile tools for non-maintenance personnel (available on the web, and on IOS and Android), new Work Pending requests and workflow, and integration with Zonar Systems, enhancements to Audit Trail and Reporting. Dossier 6.4 is shipping now and is also available on the company’s Dossier On-Demand hosted environment.

“This release has something for all Dossier users, regardless of their industry,” said Bob Hausler, vice president of marketing and technology. “Dossier 6.4 contains some major features that all current Dossier and Dossier On-Demand customers can begin using immediately.”

Dossier 6.4, according to the company, also brings a new way to send work pending requests – via any web browser, and with Dossier Mobile Lite for iOS and Android.

“We don’t normally talk about the technology under the hood,” Hausler said. “But in this case it makes sense because it helps describe the value. In concert with Dossier 6.4, we’re introducing Dossier Cloud Services, or DCloud for short. DCloud manages all communications in and out of Dossier, with a new cloud-based set of services. This makes it easier for us to manage data flow from our partners, for example, telematics and parts providers, to our customers. If any one of them updates their product or communication, we need only adapt the communication path between the partner and DCloud; our customers don’t need to deal with it on their end. We know that communications and integrations are here to stay because they bring value, but we want to take the management of this potentially complex function off of the backs of our customers; we’ll do it for them in DCloud. DCloud is also the enabling platform for Dossier Lite and Mobile Lite access.”

Hausler added that the DCloud is included free for all in-support and Dossier On-Demand customers, and the apps are free downloads on the Apple App Store and Google play.

The company also stated that a new Dossier option that leverages DCloud is full integration with Zonar Systems, a fleet telematics provider. The new option will allow Dossier maintenance management software to work with Zonar’s Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR) system and telematics data, thus providing bi-directional information transfer, eliminating paper forms and associated errors and delays, according to Dossier.

Existing optional Dossier integrations have been upgraded to use the DCloud platform, including Verizon Networkfleet, NAPA, and McLeod Loadmaster.

“Dossier 6.4 is not only a mammoth release in terms of features and benefits, it also gives our user community a stepping stone to the future with DCloud,” Hausler said. “We are excited about this new platform and feature set, and can’t wait to see how Dossier users take advantage of these benefits to help improve their fleets.”

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