DriverFACTS and EBE offer new recruiting, driver management interface

DriverFACTS said it is partnering with EBE Technologies to offer an interface that allows users to download reports for recruiting directly into SHIPS, a driver applicant tracking system. The new interface is designed to make recruiting easier, accurate and efficient for EBE Technologies’ SHIPS system users, the company said.

Access to the DriverFACTS database gives those using the SHIPS system a source for ordering work histories, PSPs, CDLISs, MVRs and criminal backgrounds. “The ability to investigate and verify drivers’ backgrounds from within the SHIPS platform creates efficiencies for our clients, resulting in cost savings and better time and resource management,” states Cindy Nelson, vice president of EBE’s Driver Solutions Group.  

With driver turnover at 95% for 2014, recruiting is a time consuming and ongoing challenge for all trucking companies. “Traditional reporting techniques squander a great deal of administrative time. DriverFACTS cuts down on the manual processes of storing, updating, accessing and verifying the reports, so trucking companies can get qualified drivers on boarded and behind the wheel more quickly and stay compliant with DOT regulations,” states Dave Widly, DriverFACTS president and chief executive officer.

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