EBE integrates DAT CarrierWatch to better access motor carrier insurance data

EBE Technologies, a provider of automated decision support applications for transportation and logistics, and DAT Solutions, a provider of actionable information for the transportation industry, announced that load brokers and shippers can now retrieve DAT CarrierWatch motor carrier insurance data and verify insurance limits from within the EBE carrier qualification application.

“The new feature will help mutual clients of EBE and DAT bring carriers onboard faster and with confidence that the carrier insurance information they receive is accurate and up-to-date,” EBE said. “Through EBE’s carrier qualification application, users can seamlessly review carrier insurance certificates, eliminating the manual processes associated with accessing and vetting the documents.”

DAT CarrierWatch checks for daily changes in a carrier’s authority and insurance status. With this information, brokers and shippers can verify a carrier’s insurance coverage in minutes and view or print an online copy of its actual insurance certificate.

“Incorporating DAT CarrierWatch into the EBE interface is a great example of how automating a business process can better ensure the selection of a qualified carrier and enable brokers to serve their customers faster,” said Greg Sikes, DAT vice president. “We’re excited to offer this capability to EBE and DAT customers.”

“Carrier insurance information is one of the most important ‘checklist’ items when considering bringing a new carrier into a carrier network,” said Larry Kerr, president of EBE. “A carrier without proper, up-to-date insurance represents a significant risk to a broker. Through EBE’s work with DAT, we hope to not only make this data much quicker to access, but also to make sure users are seeing a perfectly accurate and current representation of a carrier’s insurance to make informed and timely decisions.”

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