EBE Technologies, Vigillo partner

Integration provides for immediate receipt and validation of a carrier’s CSA scores, companies say

EBE Technologies and Vigillo announced a partnership offering an integrated paperless carrier on-boarding and compliance management solution. By using a carrier’s CSA basic scores as a vetting standard, the integration will help EBE and Vigillo’s mutual logistics clients bring new carriers on board faster by shortening the time from introduction to complete setup.

“Through EBE’s partnership with Vigillo, CSA data will be much quicker to access and users will have an accurate and current representation of a carrier’s performance to make more informed and timely decisions,” said Larry Kerr, president of EBE. “This partnership will help logistics providers make better choices in the on-boarding of a carrier and help mediate possible liability associated with carrier claims. The ability to seamlessly access a carrier’s CSA score from Vigillo and use it as a component of the vetting process is going to allow logistics providers to make better and faster on-boarding decisions.”

With the new integration, EBE’s carrier qualification application leverages data provided by Vigillo’s Carrier Select solution, an extensive archive of CSA performance data built around an opt-in CSA sharing model, according to the company. The product integration allows mutual customers of EBE and Vigillo to receive CSA BASIC data in real-time, providing insight into a carrier’s performance. Through integration into a logistics provider’s TMS system, EBE’s compliance solution can remove a carrier from active dispatch or create corrective action letters based on negative changes in a carrier’s CSA score.

“Utilizing this new interface between Vigillo and EBE, logistics providers can now use CSA BASIC scores from Vigillo as part of an automated on-boarding and compliance process,” said Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. “The combined value of EBE’s on-boarding and compliance workflow solutions and Vigillo’s Carrier Select database significantly increases the speed and insight logistics providers have when bringing new carriers onboard. Since hundreds of brokers utilize Vigillo for their CSA data, this seamless, real-time integration saves them time in seeking alternative carrier safety information during the on-boarding and vetting process.”

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