EOBR, DVIR integrated in new compliance module

A new compliance module from Qv21 Technologies combines the power of electronic onboard recording (EOBR) and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) into a single package that is integrated with the LogisticsFramework product suite.

The EOBR and DVIR components are available as standalone components or together in the compliance module, maximizing the smartphone or tablet hardware utilization as the in-cab solution of choice, the company said.

Integrated with Qv21’s existing modules and used in conjunction with the firm’s LogisticsFramework, drivers can electronically remain in compliance with multiple DOT regulations. Simultaneously, dispatchers and fleet managers have a real-time view of which drivers are compliant or getting close to running over their duty or driving times as well as the most current vehicle inspection reports.

Both the EOBR and DVIR components are built into Qv21’s in-cab Android device and do not require any additional hardware.  One readily available device provides six critical functions: EOBR, DVIR, real-time dispatching and data collection, electronic ticketing, real-time GPS tracking, and driver/dispatcher messaging.

“This is another element in Qv21’s expanding feature set for oilfield trucking companies and other truckers hauling bulk commodities,” said Scott Greeson, vice president of operations.  “Safety and compliance have always been a major focal point in the transportation industry.  Problems affect everyone and their businesses. Safer, compliant drivers not only reduce risk, they also add value to the tasks they perform. Now, dispatchers and managers as well as drivers have real time awareness of the drivers’ duty status, miles driven, and driving records as well as a real-time understanding of their vehicles’ operational status.”

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