Finding the Right Technology Partner

I have focused a lot on technology in the last few blogs. But I didn’t do it solely to make sure you had information about what’s on the horizon for the trucking industry. I did it to lay some groundwork.

The pace of technology innovations and the availability of new, technologically superior products are increasing exponentially. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all the options out there designed to make trucks safer or more fuel efficient. And just when it seems you are getting a handle on the latest-and-greatest, you are expected to stay abreast of even later-and-greater innovations that will be replacing or enhancing today’s technological advancements.

Making the wrong technology decision can cost you money and put you at a severe competitive disadvantage. And the only thing worse than that is not adopting technology.

Before embarking on costly technology decisions, it is wise to partner with someone who can do the legwork for you. You’ll want someone who understands the pros-and- cons and benefits and challenges of any new technology. Someone who not only understands the initial investment for the technology but also the cost of the technology over the life of your vehicles.

A good place to start is with your truck OEMs. They are the ones who originally designed the truck are most familiar with how it is expected to perform.

And because no two fleets are alike — what’s right for one fleet could be a disaster for another — that partner needs to understand the nuances of your business in order to recommend the appropriate technology solution for you.

Look for someone who also understands the technology-human interface so that you can seamlessly integrate technology into your operation and ensure that your drivers are trained and comfortable with whatever solution you select. After all, technology is only effective if used properly and in some cases, drivers are key to its successful operation.

While time is something that is precious to all of us, take all the time you need to search for the right technology partner, the right fit, to ensure a positive return-on-investment of both your time and money.

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