Fleet extends use of management platform

Following a successful installation in 300 of its company vehicles, Diebold has made the decision to install Spireon’s FleetLocate GPS fleet management system in its entire 4,500- vehicle fleet.

Dieblold is a provider of financial self-service and integrated security systems and services.

“We initially installed FleetLocate GPS on more than 300 vehicles in North Carolina, South Carolina, the Midwest territory and Texas,” said Ron Shepard, Diebold vice president of services for North America. “After just 21 days of operation, we saw a significant improvement in fleet performance, driver behavior and savings. This prompted our decision to install FleetLocate on all 4,500 vehicles in our fleet, across all 50 states.”

FleetLocate is a scalable GPS fleet monitoring solution offering real-time visibility.

Based on the 300-vehicle test, Diebold found a 5% reduction in fuel usage, a 3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a nearly 60% reduction in idle time.

“With FleetLocate, we expect a marked improvement in driver and public safety, while extending the useful life of our vehicles and hard assets,” Shepard said. “Diebold should see solid return on investment by the end of our first year using FleetLocate, and that ROI will improve demonstrably over the years.”

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