Fleetmatics employee team - Dublin, Ireland
Fleetmatics is moving its team to a new "state of the art" office location in Sandyford, Co. Dublin

Fleetmatics expands with new Dublin office space

After a significant staff expansion this year, fleet management technology company Fleetmatics is moving its team into a 90,000 sq. ft. campus in Sandyford, Ireland, just south of Dublin. The company expects employees will be at the new facility by mid-2018.

The move facilitates continued growth, according to Fleetmatics, after it hired more than 100 people over the past year. The company's workforce now totals about 250 employees.

Fleetmatics evolved from "a start-up based in a small office in Dublin" back at its founding in 2004, noted Peter Mitchell, chief technology officer. It employed about 10 people that first year. The company attributes its successful scale-up in subsequent years to a global focus and consistent investment in research and development.

Then Verizon acquired Fleetmatics in 2016, which Fleetmatics said allowed it to grow further, including bringing its fleet and mobile workforce management products to more customers in more countries.

"Since joining forces with Verizon Telematics, we have been able to further accelerate innovation in our sector," stated Mitchell. "Our new campus is located in an exciting digital ecosystem in Sandyford, where it can serve as a hub of innovation." 

The new location will be completely re-designed "to retain the spirit of the start-up, promoting rapid innovation and Lean Software Engineering," according to Fleetmatics, optimizing for collaboration and communication. 

The new campus also will be home to Fleetmatics' Network Operations Centre, or NOC, which was opened earlier this year. The NOC monitors billions of system interactions a day, the company said, providing insight into customer usage and system performance trends. 


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