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10.23.2018 Fleetworthy Solutions.png Fleetworthy Solutions

Fleetworthy Solutions adds online safety training from CarriersEdge

Transportation compliance service provider Fleetworthy Solutions has added online safety training from CarriersEdge to its portfolio of technology solutions to help truck fleets and drivers operate safely, efficiently, and legally.

“With recent events in the industry, this announcement comes at a crucial time when safety and following protocol is so critical to successful fleet operations and keeping the motoring public safe,” said Michael Precia, president of Fleetworthy Solutions. “Having a tool like this allows carrier fleets to educate their drivers to ensure deliveries reach their destinations with lowered risky driver behavior.”

CarriersEdge courses will be available via Fleetworthy Solutions offerings as augmentations to the DOT Risk Management Bundle.  Users will access the courses through COMPLY 2.0, a fully-managed, cloud-based software platform designed to take commercial motor carrier fleets from simply meeting minimum compliance standards to a new level of safety, productivity, and profitability.

“Continuing education is a vital part of an effective safety program,” Precia added. “CarriersEdge has driver training that is effective, convenient, and customizable. This is a powerful service we can offer our customer fleets to increase operational safety, mitigate risk, and enhance their brand image in the market.”

CarriersEdge, based in Markham, Ontario, offers more than 70 courses, in multiple languages, introductory, refresher and remedial formats, on subjects including defensive driving, hours-of-service rules, vehicle inspections and handling hazardous materials. CarriersEdge regularly updates and adds to its list of training modules; recent additions include courses on workplace harassment and violence and distracted driving.


CarriersEdge offers a variety of different driver training courses, including full-length and refresher/remedial training sessions on trip planning, parking and deliveries.

“We’re delighted to partner with an innovative, forward-thinking transportation-services company like Fleetworthy,” added Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. “Fleetworthy gives fleets the tools they need to better serve customers while maintaining regulatory compliance. CarriersEdge courses teach drivers not just the rules and regulations but best practices for safety on the road, at the terminal, and at the delivery point. Having well-trained drivers will help Fleetworthy’s customer fleets achieve their goal of aiming higher and of going beyond compliant.”

The courses are built with a mix of text, images, audio, video, real-world examples and interactive features including quizzes, designed to help drivers retain the material and use it on the road. CarriersEdge courses can be taken any time and any place drivers have access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, giving them the flexibility to keep up-to-date with training while traveling or at home.

CarriersEdge also provides administrative tools for fleets to track who has taken what course, as well as driver performance on quizzes to demonstrate retention of material. That makes recordkeeping more efficient and complete, and safety rule compliance easier and more thorough.

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