Gamber-Johnson to distribute vehicle power distribution units

Gamber-Johnson, which manufactures rugged docking stations and vehicle mounting, will now distribute vehicle power distribution units (VDPU) from Mobile Mounts under a new partnership.

Mobile Mounts’ units provide a space saving solution from which to distribute power to several devices. The units feature multiple configurations.

“Today’s mobile office has become a complex mix of sensitive electrical equipment from traditional radios and sirens, to sophisticated computers and video camera systems,” said Doug Hustedt, Gamber-Johnson’s product manager for Docking Stations.  “It is critical that these devices work when required and are protected from low & high voltage damage; it is also important to protect the vehicle battery from over-discharge.”  

Mobile Mounts’ VPDU products can be connected to several common components used in vehicles and offer features like an adjustable time delay range, an automatic activation by sensing battery voltage, an over-ride switch for on-demand operation and four circuits controlled by the timer.

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