Interstate Distributor deploying Omnitracs

Interstate Distributor deploying Omnitracs

KISSIMMEE, FL. Interstate Distributor, Inc. ( a business unit of Saltchuk Resources, Inc.) has deployed Omnitracs’ Mobile Computing Platforms (MCPs) as well as key applications across its fleet of 1,500 trucks, according to an announcement from Omnitracs, LLC here today at the Truckload Carriers Association annual convention.  Interstate’s decision to adopt Omnitracs’ mobile fleet management technology is aimed at supporting its safety and compliance goals and ensuring more efficient management across its mixed fleet of owner operators and company drivers.

Omnitracs’ MCP50 and its applications, including Hours of Service (HOS), is designed to enable two-way information exchange between drivers and the back office, while also helping to improve regulatory compliance and support overall safety. The MCP110 is an end-to-end fleet management platform.

“Having used Omnitracs technology in the past, and seen the results firsthand, it was an easy decision and I knew that its proven suite of solutions was the right choice for Interstate,” said Marc Rogers, president and CEO of Interstate Distributor. “The advanced capabilities of the MCP50 and MCP110 will help us meet our unique operational needs, providing greater visibility into the performance of our drivers and compliance with FMCSA regulations, while also ensuring the best possible shipping experience for our customers.”

Omnitracs also announced that Grupo TUM, owner of TUM Transportistas Unidos, TUM Logistica, Cargo EDS and Cargo and Logistica, will extend its alliance with Omnitracs Mexico and upgrade its technology suite to Omnitracs Premium Service Plan and AFC solutions across its entire fleet. Headquartered in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, Mexico, TUM provides L2L and B2L services to some of the most important economic and manufacturing sectors in Mexico, including specialized long-haul fleet and other sectors such as local delivery and shipping.

“Omnitracs offers the most reliable satellite solutions in Mexico, which is essential for our operations in areas where terrestrial coverage is limited,” said Sergio Valtierra, IT director at TUM. “At TUM, our mission is to offer the best and most secure transportation services in Mexico. With Omnitracs, we have a business partner that allows us to provide visibility, security and information about the location of our units at all times. We are proud to deliver the most secure and safe services to our customers, improving their operational efficiency and bottom line.”







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