Keller's ELD solution compatible with iPhone and iPad

ORLANDO. J.J. Keller has made its Encompass electronic driver log (ELD) and fleet-management solution compatible with iPhone and iPads via its KellerMobile app, the company announced here this week at the American Trucking Assns.’s (ATA) annual conference.

According to Rustin Keller, vp-- operations & business services, this advancement makes J. J. Keller Encompass the industry’s most flexible, easy-to-implement system.

“The KellerMobile app that runs our E-Log system is now the first in the trucking industry to be compatible with the iPhone and iPad, which means companies have the unique freedom to choose the device or combination of devices that’s right for their fleet,” he said.

Keller said that “as the likelihood of a Congressional EDL mandate increases, the ability of J. J. Keller’s app to run on the iPhone and iPad marks another opportunity for carriers to implement electronic logs with greater ease.”

The company’s KellerMobil app works with their Gen II ELD. Keller said it installs easily into any commercial motor vehicle and, unlike other systems on the market, is compatible with all vehicle classes.

Data from the ELD is instantly transferred to the app, which then transmits it to J.J. Keller’s cloud-based Encompass back-office system, “so fleet managers can view, report, track and analyze compliance and performance levels.”

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