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Low-cost system promises high-end features for vehicle tracking

A new tracking system from Zemango is easily installed and can provide monitoring of vehicles in a fleet of any size. Simply snap a GPS tracker into the vehicle’s OBD-II port to begin.

Zemango provides a view of all vehicles at a glance, showing their status and location via a Google Maps interface, including street view. Vehicle statistics and alerts indicating abnormal behavior are also reported.

Among the reported data is reverse-geocoded location, current speed, stoppage time, ignition status, fuel level and current efficiency, engine rpm, battery voltage and OBD trouble codes.

Managers can also set a geofence and have alerts delivered via email of SMS based on any vehicle status report. An analysis display allows data to be viewed historically.

Reports can be generated based on daily summary, vehicle stoppage and idling, overspeed, distance traveled, trips between landmarks/locations, and layovers. These reports can be automatically generated and delivered via email daily, weekly or monthly and exported to Microsoft Excel.

Zemango also provides administration control to manage vehicles and allows sharing of a vehicle’s location with customers via a read-only interface.

Data is available through a website that has been optimized for phones and tablets.

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