MiX launches task management application

MiX Telematics launched its new task management application, MiX Go. The application – available in the U.S. as an add-on to MiX Fleet Manager – enables customers to streamline communication and task management between mobile field workers and the office, according to the company. Use cases include paperless job dispatching, two-way messaging, locating and assigning the nearest employee, barcode scanning and signature capture.

“MiX Go is customizable to customers’ unique operations, and makes use of template-driven e-forms. The application enables business owners to save time, boost operational efficiency and improve service levels,” said Catherine Lewis, executive vice president of technology.

The application includes an Android based mobile app that enables employees to report on and record the status of their tasks, MiX said. Using MiX Go, managers can assign new jobs remotely, depending on employees’ schedules and their proximity to customers in need of services.

Customers using MiX Go are able to create and assign tasks to their mobile fieldworkers and monitor their progress via the web, while the app guides employees through activities step by step until task completion. Managers can also send messages to employees, who can also use MiX Go to take photos, capture signatures and scan barcodes, the company noted.

“The application brings efficiency and transparency to businesses by eradicating unnecessary complexities and promoting effective communication,” Lewis said.

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