Mobile tire management offered through smartphone

A new mobile tire management system offers the opportunity  for drivers to upload critical tire maintenance data to a website for analysis  by fleet managers.

Mobile Tire Manager, from Fleetline Metrics, can be used with  a smartphone or other web-enabled device, including tablets. It records  critical tire data such as date, time, location, mileage, air pressure and tread  depth and makes that information available in a searchable, sortable database.

The information can then be emailed to maintenance managers,  fleet dispatch teams, repair vendors, and even the DOT, Fleetline Metrics said.

Drivers can also upload tractor and trailer number, condition  of head lamps and tail lights, and any visible tire damage for every wheel  position on the unit.

The web-based system allows managers to track inspections  and schedule maintenance as needed. Fleets can access a history of driver  reports and inspection analytics directly from using  a wide range of customizable features.

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