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MobileDemand releases first rugged tablet in new series

MobileDemand has launched the first in a series of new rugged tablets to be brought to market this year.

The xTablet T1400 rugged tablet is a thin and light device capable of running standard enterprise Windows (8.1 and 7) applications while withstanding harsh operating environments, at a new price point, the company said. The xTablet T1400 represents the first in a series of new, thin and light, rugged tablets that MobileDemand is introducing this year.

The xTablet T1400 is a purpose-built tablet that is designed for mobile workforce functions including those found in the utilities, field service, public safety, field sales, delivery and transportation sectors. It is 19mm thick and weighs 1.1 kg. It features an advanced fanless design.

The tablet comes with three battery pack options along with a hot-swappable battery to allow field workers to continue working without shutting down the tablet to change batteries.

It also features a 10.1 in. 1920x1200 LCD that is all-light readable and attached to a 10-point multi-touch, projected capacitive touch panel that works with noninsulated gloves and water for outdoor use. An optional high performance imager with ergonomic triggering provides fast and comfortable barcode reading from over the head to the toes. There is also an option for an NFC RFID reader for badges and tagged asset reading. The xTablet T1400 comes standard with all the I/O (USB 3.0, Ethernet, RS232, micro HDMI, microSD, u-blox NEO-6 GPS, and optional 4G LTE) capabilities needed and does not force elimination of productive combinations.

The xTablet T1400 comes with a high performance, Intel (Bay Trail Platform) Celeron N2920 quad core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of high performance SSD. It can run Windows 8.1, 8.1 Professional or Windows 7 Professional for older applications while decreasing development and deployment time, and keeping support costs low.

“At MobileDemand, we’re known for our ultra-rugged xTablets, but now with the xTablet T1400 you can have a rugged and sealed device that is half the thickness and half the weight of other rugged 10” tablets and about the same weight as a consumer tablet with a case and other accessories,” said Jon Rasmussen, senior director of product management and R&D. “If you’re looking for a mobile tablet which you can rely on day in and day out to keep your employees productive without unnecessary fatigue, then the xTablet T1400 series is the right tool for your job.”

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