Road hazard awareness available in real-time

A new solution from inthinc Technology Solutions provides real-time road hazard awareness warnings to drivers. The inthinc Road Hazard Awareness (RHA) has been integrated with the company’s waySmart fleet management solution to allow managers and drivers to collectively communicate and warn each other of impending dangers on the roadways in real-time.

“The development of inthinc RHA is a great step for inthinc as we continue to progress and provide the very best in driver safety and fleet management solutions,” said Corey Catten, inthinc chief technology officer. “Drivers are even more aware of their surroundings and managers now have the tools to avoid delays in operations, saving companies millions of dollars through increased productivity.”

inthinc waySmart is a comprehensive telematics-based mobile resource management and fleet safety solution. Equipped with GPS, built-in accelerometers and OBD integration, the in-vehicle waySmart device verbally coaches drivers when aggressive or unsafe driving behavior is detected, including speeding, swerving, hard braking or not wearing a seat belt. inthinc RHA will provide verbal alerts to drivers when approaching a road hazard such as construction, accidents, severe weather or road restrictions.

Potential road hazards submitted by drivers are recorded by managers in the Management Portal. Acting as the central hub for daily fleet operation, the portal provides the intelligence needed for fleet managers to communicate route adjustments accordingly. In addition, planned routes can be changed in the portal’s interactive maps feature to ensure drivers avoid unnecessary delays.

Drivers may also communicate and alert managers and other drivers of delay times, alternative routes and status updates by using the waySmart on-board touch screen.

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