Routing software updated to meet needs of waste industry

The route planning software from Roadnet Technologies has been updated to address the specialized needs of the solid waste industry. The Roadnet software update integrates routing, planning and scheduling features to help solid waste companies comply with state and federal requirements regarding dumping procedures and protocols, the company said.

“The capital expenditure to purchase or lease and maintain transportation equipment in this industry is significant, and we recognized the need to offer turn-key solutions to companies focused on the reduction of operating and fuel costs,” said Len Kennedy, CEO. “To address the needs in this sector, such as the need to separate household, recyclable, construction-site and hazardous materials prior to disposal, required a re-tooling and adaptation of our routing solutions with customized features.”

The Roadnet Technologies vehicle routing product targets solid waste companies that collect and dispose of household and commercial waste, spent materials produced at construction and demolition sites, and items designed for recycling and hazardous materials.

“In some areas restrictions are in place that mandate the collection and disposal of materials within the same geographic boundaries” Kennedy said. “Regulations may also mandate specific areas where specialized waste can be disposed of, rather than the use of one central location.”

Adjustments were incorporated into the transportation logistics software, according to Kennedy, that demonstrates how the optimization is working. Maps showing facilities that can handle specific hazardous, recycled and household materials are color-coded.

The software also helps with the management of roll-off waste containers and the movement of those containers from job-sites to dumping facilities.

“Certain requirements may call for containers to be left at a disposal site, while others call for actually moving the containers, emptying of the contents and transportation of those containers back to the original or alternative site,” Kennedy said. “Our new routing software functionality produces and tracks the most cost-efficient routes to address these protocols.”

Roadnet said the route-planning software was created to reduce a company’s transportation costs and fleet miles, increase the utilization of its vehicles, decrease routing miles and subsequent maintenance costs, and provide route specific driver manifests, directions and maps.

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