Smaller TruckPC, updates to TND 760 unveiled

Rand McNally has cut the size, but not the power, with its next-generation TruckPC. The TPC 7600 is about 1/3 the size of the previous model while offering the same robust computer power and Windows 7 operating system, the company said at the unveiling during a customer event in Chicago.

The reduced size and high-sensitivity in-cab antenna design allows more options when installing the device in a cab.

“The goal was to create a less costly product for our customers, without losing the features,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO. “In the process, we were able to refine the design, reducing the size of the box, simplifying installation, and creating some valuable improvements.”

The TPC 7600 is a fully compliant electronic on-board recorder that tracks and manages hours of service with back-end monitoring via a web portal, two-way communication with the ability to send email attachments, onboard scanning and printing, in-cab video playback plus connectivity via cellular and WiFi communications.

The TPC7600 also supports satellite communications via an optional module. It comes with a three-year warranty and will be available for shipment in August.

Rand McNally also announced upgrades to its TND 760 system and a new web portal.

New features include a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR); the inclusion of the “oil field exception” in its hours-of-service application; the ability to provide routing information to the cab automatically from back-end dispatch systems; and map database and feature updates for its IntelliRoute GPS navigation software.

According to the company, benefits of the upgrades include:

  • The electronic DVIR report will enable companies to immediately access potential maintenance issues, and reduce the use of paperwork. These reports can be saved for up to six months.
  • For companies integrating TND 760 with a third-party transportation management system, routing from point to point can be delivered directly to the in-cab device eliminating phone or e-mail instructions by the dispatcher, and manual entry of data by the driver.
  • Within the navigation feature, enhancements include an upgraded map database with enhanced truck routing settings, and more.

The new Rand McNally Connect web portal will provide a single access point for fleet tracking, mapping, performance reporting, e-mail communication, as well as provides access to third-party applications, the company said. It is accessible for all customers of Rand McNally’s mobile communication fleet management solutions including the TND 760, TPC 7600 system and TruckPC products. Rand McNally’s solutions are integrated with productsfrom TMW, McLeod and other transportation management systems.

New features available through the portal include:

  • Geofencing – Allowing for complex polygon shapes to be identified as alert areas.  When a vehicle enters or exits the polygon, an e-mail or SMS text message may be sent back to the company. Geofencing can be used to track entry and exit to analyze wait time at a customer location or to report vehicle detention time.
  • Landmarks – Provides an easy to use tool for uploading a custom list of locations onto the map.
  • Dashboards – Performance dashboards and trending charts give fleet managers instant visibility into fleet wide activities and issues. Dashboards include data on fuel consumption, fuel economy, idle time, hard braking, miles driven and speeding.
  • Alerts - The improved notification feature allows for alerts to be communicated via an SMS text message or e-mail, identifying an important task in the process, such as arrival and departure, or a potential safety issue such as a hard breaking incident, or a cost containment opportunity such as extended idling.
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