The SmartDrive system can utilize one two or four cameras depending on fleet needs

The SmartDrive system can utilize one, two or four cameras, depending on fleet needs.

SmartDrive delivers new Promise, announces fleet adoption

CINCINNATI. A recent deployment of the SmartDrive video-based safety program by Mid South Baking Company has significantly improved its safety profile, according to SmartDrive Systems, which released the news this week at the National Private Truck Council’s 2015 Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition here.

The company also announced results of a customer scorecard and its new SmartDrive Promise.

Within the first three weeks of deployment, Mid South Baking Co.  improved its safety score by 68% with seatbelt usage increasing 94%. Also, incomplete stops dropped 67% and distracted driving and unsafe following was reduced by 100%.

Mid South delivers products to 3,500 restaurants across the Southern and Western U.S. The fleet tested the SmartDrive solution, evaluating it for usability of the coaching application, the configurable coaching and scoring capabilities, its open technology platform (which offers up to four camera views and extended recording capability), and SmartDrive’s dedicated customer success team and partnership approach, the safety provider said.

“As a supplier for one of the most recognizable global brands, our top priority is delivering on our company promise of quality, food safety and customer service.  It is a commitment that starts at the top and one that every employee is focused on in their daily work,” said Mike Little, director of transportation for Mid South Baking Company. “We implemented SmartDrive because we felt there was more we could do to ensure we were delivering on these promises— particularly in the area of safety. After deploying SmartDrive’s video-based safety solution, we quickly identified the risk areas that we otherwise could not see and were able to immediately and positively impact performance. With SmartDrive’s program in place, we are able to identify the risks that lead to collisions, improving overall safety and helping us live up to our brand promise.”

SmartDrive identifies unsafe driving with an open platform, integrating video, vehicle, audio and driving data for a unified view of risk. The program automatically offloads footage for expert review and analysis, and prioritization for coaching.

One of the benefits of the SmartDrive system, according to Adam Kahn, senior director-marketing, is its customization.

“When we tailor the system to a customer’s needs, we can create settings that [suite their operational objectives],” he said.

The video recording system can utilize one, two or four cameras, and only records events for the 10 seconds before and 10 second after. Those events can include hard braking, lane departure, accidents, speeding, or any number of configurations.

It can also be turned on manually by a driver. For instance, Kahn explained if a driver arrives at a facility and it is locked, he can turn on the system to prove he arrived when he said he did, leading to a proof of arrival verification.

Kahn did say that fleets whose drivers object to in-cab recording can drop that camera and only utilize the forward-facing camera. Two additional cameras can provide a 360-deg. view of the vehicle. Communication, though, is key.

“We definitely advocate a lot of upfront communication,” he said. “There are a lot of misconceptions about the technology.”

SmartDrive Systems also announced results of its customer scorecard, which it said showed users of its system found it “top in its class.”

The survey set out to determine how customers ranked its services, including, including overall value, service, support, timeliness, flexibility and more. Customers responded based on a letter grade scale—with A being the highest and F the lowest.

“Our team—consisting of customer success professionals, safety specialists, video analysis experts and engineers—is keenly focused on innovation and servicing our customers unlike anyone else in the transportation and logistics industry,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “Our mantra is to put customers first and continue to offer the best-in-class solutions. Our team does not rest until our customers get the results we promised. This report card is a testament to the impact SmartDrive’s video-based safety program continues to have on customers and we plan to use the findings as a benchmark for SmartDrive moving forward.”

According to the company, SmartDrive customers graded the company according to:

  • Value & Program Support—customers repeatedly gave SmartDrive high marks based on the value and support its program delivers, including collision frequency reductions, exonerations, coaching and installation services
  • Customer Service—the company received the highest grade across the board for customer service including responsiveness, availability, and knowledge
  • Video Availability & Decision-Making—a key technology differentiator for SmartDrive, customers were very satisfied with the program’s speed to deliver video, enabling timely decision making for exonerating drivers, rewarding good driving performance and evaluating risk
  • Delivery of New Capabilities—customers also gave SmartDrive strong marks for delivering on its product roadmap and new capabilities related to its technology platform
  • Flexibility—rounding out the scorecard, SmartDrive’s offering ranked high for its flexibility including custom safety scoring and configurable hardware

To deliver on its capabilities, the company also kicked off the SmartDrive Promise.  The marketing campaign says that the company will:

  • We put our customers first.
  • We deliver video in minutes, not days.
  • We safeguard your drivers and business in every collision.
  • We will save you the most money in the shortest time.
  • We protect your investment with a solution you won’t outgrow.


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