Telogis Appointment showing a delivery plan screen Telogis

Telogis Appointment showing a delivery plan screen.

Telogis introduces new appointment scheduling feature for delivery fleets

Telogis, Inc. introduced Telogis Appointment this week.  The new tool is the latest addition to the Telogis Route Planning Suite and is designed to improve customer service by allowing consumers to choose delivery windows that are most convenient for them while also being most cost effective for the deliverer. According to the company, it can also help shipping companies reduce turn times by matching delivery times to customers’ open times to receive goods, and pushing ETAs to the receiving parties via text or email – all in real time.

When customers interact with online scheduling tools or speak with a customer service representative by phone, Telogis Appointment provides three available time window appointments based on pre-determined criteria such as delivery cost, available resources, proximity of existing vehicles and resource capabilities of technicians or delivery specialists. Then the customer can chose the time that works best for them ---and is still profitable for the delivery company.

Telogis Appointment also provides integration to/from existing Customer Resource Management (CRM) or other customer service portals and initiates a call to/from appropriate applications in order to present profitable appointment options.

“Businesses that embrace a customer-centric service model and implement mobile and location intelligence technologies aimed at expediting, improving and personalizing the customer experience will ultimately grow market share and remain competitive,” said Newth Morris, Telogis co-founder and president, Telogis Route and Navigation. “By providing a higher level of service to their own customers, Telogis’ customers benefit from increased fuel savings, mobile worker productivity and profits.”

Now in version 6.0, the Telogis Route Planning Suite supports static, fixed-route and territory planning as well as dynamic routing, routing support specifically for hazmat vehicles and commercial trucks.

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