TouchStar launches cloud-based tracking, driver behavior management system

Logistics and mobility software solutions provider TouchStar has introduced a pair of cloud-based telematics solutions – iTrack and IntelliTrack. The solutions offer GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior management.

Both products offer dispatchers insight into vehicle location in near real time and can assist in lowering overall fuel costs, improving driver utilization and enhancing vehicle security.

“The introduction of iTrack and intelliTrack are the direct result of feedback we’ve received from clients, who are looking for an intuitive and simple to implement fleet tracking solution. These cloud-based solutions have exceeded customer expectations in our pre-launch pilots, and further TouchStar Groups’ global initiative to provide tangible business outcomes through use of our technology,” said Shelby Ahmann, general manager.

iTrack is a basic GPS fleet tracking solution that provides fleet managers and dispatchers insight into the current location of their vehicles, and visualize their activity for the day with bread crumbed mapping. Through reducing fuel costs, improving driver productivity, and reducing driver overtime; iTrack provides an understanding of vehicle activity and reduces costs for business operations, the company said.

intelliTrack is an advanced GPS fleet tracking solution that is integrated directly with the vehicle CAN-Bus interface, providing vehicle diagnostic and usage information such as harsh breaking, speeding, and excessive idle time. It is expandable to include additional GPS navigation and in-cab driver coaching.

Combined with the web-based fleet management application – TS FleetWatch – dispatchers have the capability to locate, track, and monitor their entire fleet in near real time, from any computer with internet connectivity.

Geo-fencing capabilities in both solutions provide enhanced asset security for business owners, TouchStar said. Geographic borders can be created for specific vehicles or the entire fleet, and if a vehicle enters or exits its specified area, an alert notifies the appropriate people who can log into the TS FleetWatch application to locate and track the vehicle at any time.

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