TU-Automotive wraps up Consumer Telematics Show 2017

As it wrapped up its Consumer Telematics Show 2017 this week, TU-Automotive noted innovation was a major theme.

Autonomous driving was presented as a given, according to TU-Automotive, and Chris Thomas of Fontinalis Partners and Shahin Farshchi of Lux Capital kicked off this year’s conference. Fontinalis is investing in next-generation mobility, and during the event, Thomas explained he’s interested in the impact artificial intelligence will have on autonomy.

Toyota NA and Ford Motor Company attended to discuss their announcement of the SmartDeviceLink Consortium to simplify integration for the OEM and app maker. Also in attendance was National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) administrator Mark Rosekind, who noted the agency’s rulemaking to mandate V2V communications for light vehicles.

NHTSA also released a model state policy and clarified the roles of the federal government and the states, TU-Automotive said. “The semi-autonomy of the states is a mixed blessing,” TU noted. “While it’s good to have that clarity, and democracy is seen as a positive thing, varying state regulations could be a barrier to innovation in autonomy and connectivity.”

TU-Automotive has more.

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