Wayne Smith Trucking adds Rand McNally in-cab devices

Citing rich features and a better total cost to operate vs. competitive units, Wayne Smith Trucking of Morrilton, AK, recently completed installing Rand McNally’s TND 760 devices throughout its 115-truck operation.

A family business that typically hauls dry goods regionally but operates across the country, Wayne Smith Trucking (WST) undertook a three-month evaluation of Rand McNally’s devices and those of another major mobile communication supplier before choosing a vendor, according to the company. For Neil Corder, operations manager, it all came down to value.

“We felt it was better with Rand McNally,” Corder explained. “We are looking at an eight-year investment and had to decide which (system) made the most sense.

Last year, Corder and WST executives decided it was time to invest in a mobile fleet management solution. With the electronic-log mandate on the horizon and an increasing need for driver tracking and providing proof of detention time, WST undertook the three-month evaluation of devices from the two companies. During the course of the evaluation, WST executives made visits to the vendors’ customers, solicited driver feedback, and analyzed costs.

Corder said a major deciding factor in selecting the Rand McNally solution was the favorable “total cost to operate,” adding that he knew the devices would “do an excellent job.”

Once Rand McNally was chosen, the TND 760 devices were integrated with McLeod Software, which WST uses for dispatch, accounting, and other back-office services. About half of the company’s drivers began using the solution several months ago, mostly for electronic hours of service compliance.

A majority of the drivers, Corder said, “like it and are comfortable with it after two-to-three weeks” despite initial hesitation.

Supporting drivers is an important component of WST’s culture, according to the company. The company added it strives to ensure most drivers are home every weekend. “Trucking is our job, not our life,” Corder said. “We treat it that way and put a priority on driver satisfaction.”

Beyond the initial ROI and driver satisfaction, Corder expects additional savings from the TND 760 features in months and years to come – from alleviating out-of-route driving with truck-specific GPS, using the workflow feature to help optimize schedules, and helping dispatch do a better job armed with tracking of their trucks, the company said.

 “We expect to use all of it,” Corder said.

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