WEX Fleet One launches interactive interface with McLeod Software

WEX Fleet One has launched an interactive fuel card interface with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Enterprise solution.

The McLeod interactive interface enables WEX Fleet One account holders using the McLeod application to access new and improved functionality, WEX said. Customers who upgrade their existing McLeod software to the new interactive fuel interface will eliminate the need to log into their WEX Fleet One account to update cards and other trip related information. Fleet managers will be able to enter all pertinent information, assign card resets and override card limits or network all from within the McLeod Interactive Interface.

“Our main focus at WEX Fleet One has always been to listen to our customers’ needs, and provide valued business solutions for them,” said Bill Cooper, general manager of fleet OTR and partner channels at WEX. “The upgraded interactive interface with McLeod will allow our customers the ability to optimize their WEX Fleet One card and account management activities in a highly efficient, secure, and real-time capacity.”

“One of the things we are bringing to market with the new spring release of our flagship LoadMaster product is enhanced support for WEX Fleet One through our interactive fuel capabilities,”  said Robert Brothers, manager of product development for McLeod Software. “This new level of support for interactive real-time activation and deactivation, card limits, and overrides gives our customers a greater level of control than ever before with their WEX Fleet One cards.  All of these controls can be managed interactively by the customer within their McLeod dispatch operations system.”

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