Wirelessly track cargo within cold chain

DeltaTrak has released a wireless cold-chain monitoring system for both food safety and environmental responsibility, it said. The FlashTrak RFID temperature monitoring solution integrates FlashTrak RFID loggers with the existing ColdTrak cloud application for new capabilities in the end-to-end cold chain visibility process.

According to DeltaTrak, the FlashTrak solution uses the latest RFID technology and supports EPC global Class 1 Gen 2 (C1G2) FlashTrak loggers and extends the read range and performance through support of ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Standard Class 3 Battery Assisted Passive RFID.

“Our FlashTrak RFID solution reads both passive RFID labels and our FlashTrak single-use in-transit temperature loggers,” said Frederick Wu, president & CEO. “This gives the customer the ability to read loggers more efficiently, quickly and automatically and also adds the benefit of a cost effective recycling program.”

The integration of the technologies allows customers to use low-cost data loggers such as FlashLink VU, USB and Mini with the latest RFID technology of DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak loggers for efficiency and automatic uploading of the data into ColdTrak.

The data is read using DeltaTrak FlashTrak WAN/Ethernet Multi-Protocol (cellular) 3G RFID readers, the company said. These readers are typically mounted in the receiving area and can also be mounted inside vehicles to provide real-time temperature information during transit. Temperature data is automatically uploaded where it can be viewed, analyzed and shared. The solution ensures quality product temperature data is recorded and provides traceability, allowing customers to make accurate real-time decisions.

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