Wright Media launches mobile medical app

Wright Media has launched a new mobile app designed to help drivers locate doctors and medical information on the road. The company described the Truckers MedCAllAssist as a new telemedicine program that connects drivers instantly with a board certified emergency-trained physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We make it our mission to bring innovative products to the trucking industry and with Truckers MedCallAssist, we’re keeping our promise,” said Kenny Wright, CEO and publisher of Wright Media. “Truck drivers are the backbone of our economy and their health is extremely important to all of us and to our country. By giving drivers instant access to a physician out on the road, it keeps drivers healthy and the economy moving which is a win-win for everyone.”

Drivers can use Truckers MedCallAssist to make a phone call or by using the free MedCallAssist mobile app. It can be used by drivers in any emergency or non-emergency situation and doesn’t require an appointment like a normal visit to the doctor’s office would. The program provides truck drivers with 24/7 immediate access to a physician who can advise and prescribe medication over the phone within minutes. A great benefit of the program alleviates co-pays and deductibles. It is also HSA and FSA approved along with being 100% HIPAA compliant.

“There is no need to delay care anymore and just try to sleep it off. Every driver has the right to immediate access to a physician who can advise and prescribe over the phone with zero co-pays or deductibles,” said Blaise Dietz, CEO for GetMedCallAssist. “We are the only firm in the world that takes emergency and non-emergency calls. We don’t want drivers trying to diagnose themselves - we take all calls immediately.”

Using Truckers MedCallAssist, physicians can prescribe medicine for the driver at any pharmacy in the U.S., making health care and maintenance easier for the driver. The program also includes a FDA registered prescription medical kit for each driver, which comes with prescribed non-narcotic medications that drivers can use safely on the road. It is the only FDA-registered prescription medical kit of its kind on the market, the company said.

The mobile app gives drivers access to their health records and allows them to connect with doctors online.

“With telemedicine, professionals in the transportation industry can bring an emergency room physician into their truck for less than a cup of daily coffee,” said Eric Stirling, MD, Chief Medical Officer MedCallAssist. “Let’s take care of the most important people on this great country’s roads - the drivers.”

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