FTR: Trailer-order momentum will carry into the new year

FTR: Trailer-order momentum will carry into the new year

Research and forecasting firm FTR said today that the level of net trailers orders scored last month reflects a strength in all segments of the market that should continue well into 2015.

The firm reported that in November, U.S. trailer net orders reached 39,356 units. That marked second-highest month ever, following only October’s recording-setting finish.

Per FTR, trailer orders have now totaled 342,000 over the past twelve months. The firm observed that “orders were somewhat inflated with fleets placing orders in November for shipment in Q2 and Q3 2015,” adding that “OEMs continue to solicit long-term orders due to competitive pressures and expected scarce production slots.”

“The trailer market is showing continued power and this momentum is now expected to flow into the second half of 2015,” remarked Don Ake, FTR’s vice president of Commercial Vehicles.

“The environment for fleets is very positive with plenty of freight, tight capacity, dropping diesel prices and increasing profits,” he continued.

Ake also pointed out that all trailer segments “remain strong and steady, especially flatbed orders, which set an all-time record in November. 

“Backlogs are now tremendously high, so build rates are going to remain robust for several quarters,” he added. “The strength of order activity certainly bodes well for 2015 production.” 


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