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CARB signs agreement with Australian climate agency

The California Air Resources Board and the Australian Clean Energy Regulator signed a memorandum of understanding to guide collaboration between the agencies in addressing the global issue of climate change. 

Under the agreement, the Clean Energy Regulator and the Air Resources Board will share information to develop complementary and effective market-based programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support and build on the capacity of the international carbon market.

The two agencies have been sharing practical lessons over the past year on methods for setting carbon prices. The new memorandum focuses on investing in clean energy generation and related technologies and improving market integrity to deepen collaboration between the two agencies.

“This agreement continues our productive relationship with the Clean Energy Regulator to improve our respective programs,” said California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary D. Nichols. “It is another step forward in California’s efforts to establish relationships with other programs to continue sharing information and best practices to fight the global danger of climate change.”

“It is important for Australian agencies to develop strong relationships with our counterparts overseas as we work towards a global market. I believe this agreement will demonstrate the benefits of regulators working together to reinforce the effective operation of our programs,” said Chair of the Australian Clean Energy Regulator, Chloe Munro.

That memorandum of understanding can be found here.

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