Drive your own ice road rig

As some of you may know, I was really interested in watching the new season of Ice Road Truckers. A few episodes in, I have not been disappointed. But, I have also yet to have the desire to join Jack, Hugh, Alex, George, Tim, Lisa, and whole gang at Carlile Transportation. I have a fear of dying, especially a cold, dark death.

Now, though, I’ve learned I don’t have to die and can still enjoy the excitement of driving some of the world’s most treacherous routes – ice-covered roads through the mountains of Alaska.

Anyone with an iPhone (I guess I’ll still have to wait) can download the Ice Road Truckers app. There is a free “lite” version, according to, and a $3.99 version will be released on June 28. In the paid game, you can drive the ice roads in your big rig, trying to beat a time to deliver your load – without dying, of course.

“Ice Road Truckers has developed a very loyal fan-base worldwide, and viewers are keen to engage with the series in any way they can. This Ice Road Truckers game app is the perfect way for fans to interact with the program. It’s a great promotional tool for the series and another opportunity for us to attract new viewers,” said Kate Winn, vp-home entertainment for A&E Television Networks.

Shop the iTunes store for the app. So run out and get your own ice road truck now. As long as you have an iPhone. As for me, I guess my dream will have to wait for another day.