Hydraulic braking and trucking's retrofit option

As trucking fleets continue looking for ways to cut costs while becoming greener, Recaptured Energy Technologies (RET) says it has a solution. A hydraulic braking and propulsion system that can be retrofitted onto your current vehicles.

The advantages of such a system, which use wasted brake energy and converts it into power used to propel the vehicle, is a reduction of fuel while also cutting emissions, the company says. According to RET, the hydraulic option is advantageous over hybrid electric alternatives because of its energy efficiency, enhanced acceleration characteristics and its retrofitting capability.

“The unique benefit of our system is that it can be retrofit to existing vehicles, so there is no need to purchase new alternative-energy vehicles that may not provide anticipated fuel economy,” says Sam Jones, president of Recaptured Energy Technologies. “Because the system is specifically designed to be retrofit, existing vehicles will see lower emissions, less engine management and reduced fuel consumption.”

Jones also touts the economic benefits of retrofit technologies.

“Retrofitting existing vehicles makes economic and environmental sense and would create jobs immediately as the evaluation and conversion process could begin right away,” Jones says. “Purchasing new hybrid vehicles is a costly endeavor and does not bring jobs to the area.”

Of course, RET would prefer you choose the retrofit option as that’s what it’s banking its livelihood on. Ask a provider of new vehicles which option is best and they will tout a new hybrid, citing its advantages. Either way, though, the environment wins. And with grants and tax credits available, the final choice may have a lot less to do with short-term economics and a lot more to do with what makes the best long-term business sense.