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Learn more about how driver health and wellness are critical for safe trucking operations—and for keeping drivers productive on the road.


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Trucking Economy Concerns

Economic concerns top trucking industry’s worries going into 2024

Oct. 16, 2023
With costs rising as freight demand decreases, fleets and drivers are worried about the U.S. economy, according to ATRI’s annual survey of industry stakeholders. Zero-emission...
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FleetOwner Magazine

Many drivers can only dream of a full night's sleep

Sept. 11, 2023
Emphasis on diet, fitness, and mental health continues, but program runners see lack of sleep as a top concern to drivers and their productivity.
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Summer truck driver tips

How to survive summer heat stress

July 27, 2023
Heat waves are unavoidable, but heat stress illnesses and injuries are preventable. Here are some strategies for fleets to keep drivers and other workers safe during the dog days...
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New FMCSA push puts focus back on roadside exploitation

June 8, 2023
‘Your Roads, Their Freedom’ awareness campaign enlists trucking and its drivers to be watchers for criminal activity at rest areas and travel stops, where young people are frequently...
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For the Driver

States with the most fatal truck crashes

May 5, 2023
These 10 states have the highest percentage of fatal crashes that involve large trucks.

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