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115655340 | Welcomia | Dreamstime
Dreamstime Welcomia 115655340

Maintenance and repair costs rise, but rate of increase slows

March 2, 2023
Despite headwinds, fleet maintenance operations continue to offset increases, Decisiv reports. The service relationship management provider also announced digital inspection integration...
Alex Keenan | Commercial Vehicle Staff
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P.S.I.'s Digital ThermAlert offers more wheel-end visibility

March 2, 2023
Pressure Systems International has upgraded its wheel-end temperature alert system to offer real-time actionable data and more maintenance benefits than the prior version of the...
Alex Keenan | Commercial Vehicle Staff
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Goodyear rolls out EV-compatible low-rolling resistance drive tire

The RangeMax RSD EV provides fleets a more efficient option for electric or conventional regional vehicles, the company stated at TMC 2023.
Grote Industries
Grote 4 See Smart Nose Box

Grote showcases 4SEE trailer camera system at TMC

March 2, 2023
The rear- and side-view camera system lets drivers see real-time video in their cab without the need for additional wiring. Camera technology was developed in partnership with...
FleetNet America
Fleet Net America Truck And App

Cox Automotive acquires FleetNet America

March 1, 2023
Cox said the acquisition is part of its mission to transform fleet operations by connecting every vehicle and service. FleetNet has a network of more than 60,000 independent service...